A stone’s throw away from Groningen, in the village of Peize, you will find the offices of Taxquis Fiscalisten (tax advisors). We are a modern and independent fiscal consultancy bureau providing services to a wide variety of businesses and institutions, with a focus on offering active counsel and personal attention to our clients.

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Our clients

We mainly focus on the corporate sector: companies and institutions. Below we have listed the client sectors Taxquis Fiscalisten provides services to.

About Taxquis Fiscalisten

Our firm employs tax specialists from varying backgrounds, combining the broad work experience of “Big Four” corporations with the personal touch of a smaller firm. Specialists and generalists work together to provide the necessary fiscal overview in addition to case-specific counsel. Because of this we are able to serve both great and small businesses.

We not only offer fiscal counsel and the means to implement it, but we also want to assist you in figuring out the fiscal makeup of your organization. Tax-related matters are usually not a popular topic, but matters such as fiscal risk management, tax control framework and horizontal supervision are an increasingly frequent part of management queries.

Taxquis Fiscalisten is part of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers, whose membership is open only to postgraduate tax specialists. We are also affiliated with the Confédération Fiscale Européenne.

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